• Experience real Spain and live like a local!

    Excellent opportunity to experience Spanish culture, language, food, sun and much more...

  • Programme grants: free of charge placement!

    If you are accepted onto the programme you get your free placement on the spot!

  • Assistance and guidance through the application and placement process

    Including assistance to get a student visa should you need one.

  • Support thoughout your stay in Spain

    Our participants are not numbers, they are individuals and we try to help them as much as we can whenever any problem arises.

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About us

Club RCI (Club de Relaciones Culturales Internacionales) is a cultural, educational and linguistic nonprofit organization with a broad and varied choice of programmes for young people interested in increasing their knowledge of foreign languages and cultures, as well as promoting Spanish language and culture abroad.

For over 43 years, Club RCI has formed and cultivated partnerships with both public and private educational and cultural institutions in several countries. We are linked to an important web of public and private organizations with similar aims dedicated to the development of projects in the fields of language and culture.

Why booking through us

  • Over 40 years experience

    We have been running our ‘Childcare in Spain’ programmes for over 43 years and Tutoring in Spain since 1997 with much success. We also run programmes for Spanish students wishing to live abroad for a while learning a language.

  • Experienced & Qualified staff

    All our staff members have lived abroad and have participated in our programmes - been there done that! We all know what it is like to move to a different country away from family and friends and how exciting and enriching it is!

  • Assistance during the application process

    You will be in touch regulary with our experienced staff members during all application and placement process, including assistance to get a student visa should you need one or enrolling on a Spanish language course.

  • Support throughout your stay in Spain

    Our participants are not numbers, they are individuals and we treat them as such, trrying to accommodate their requests whenever possible, answer questions and try to make their stay in Spain a lifetime experience to remember.

    You can always pop into our office to get info, answers to your queries or just say hi and meet us!

  • Experience real Spain and live like a local!

    These programmes offer you an excellent opportunity to experience Spanish culture - learning Spanish and improving your language skills while living and working with a Spanish family as well as during your time off, when you can travel around the country.

Partners & Associations


    International Au Pair Association

    Founder members of IAPA, International Au Pair Association since 1994.


    ICEF Agent

    We are an ICEF agency representing top educational institutions and colleges since 2010.


    Au Pair in America

    Official agent for Au Pair in America in Spain since 1996.


    Universidad de Alcalá de Henares

    We collaborate with Universidad de Alcalá de henares - Alcalingua since 1996.

What our participants say

Hi Clara!

I arrived yesterday and am settled in the house with my new family. I wanted to thank you both for helping me find them. Oscar and Clara are so nice and laid back. I feel very relaxed here and welcome. Their au pair in August is very lucky. They are a great family. The kids are adorable and their housekeeper is so nice and helpful as well. Living in the suburbs is a nice change. Thank you. 


Phoebe Anderson USA

Hello Clara,

I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy in my new family! They are so nice and lovely and the boys like to play football with me! 😄 The parents explain me everything and I'm already feeling like a part of the family.

Yesterday we spent the day at the holiday house in la granja. It was wonderful!

Thank you so much for helping me and find this wonderful family! I'm looking forward for the next month at Madrid!

Paula P. Germany

Hi Paloma!

I hope that you are well. I have attached a report to this e-mail detailing my stay in Spain. I would just like to say thank you to Club RCI for affording me such a great opportunity.

I find it quite difficult to put into words my Spanish adventure because of the great experience that I have had but here goes…


There’s only one word to describe the Crespo-Cuevas family: AMAZING! I was made to feel at home immediately – which set the tone for the duration of my stay. Celia and Antonio were always helpful, assisting me with getting settled in and acquiring all of the things I would need during my stay such as applying for my transport card etc. Both of them were also very approachable – an important factor when you are around new people. Their warmth and hospitality made my transition so quick and smooth. It was as if I had known them forever. One would think that by now the family would be a little bit bored with the whole process of welcoming a new person into their family every few months but it was quite the opposite. They seemed genuinely enthusiastic and willing to have me there.


The tutor before me described the boys as being “little gentlemen”. There’d be no better way to describe them. They are all such wonderful little boys whom I felt so honoured to have tutored. For the first two weeks I thought that they were just being well behaved until they got used to me but no, they were like that throughout my entire stay! Antonio and Celia are doing an incredible job of raising such well-mannered boys. Whenever I would mention that my host family has six boys everyone would gasp and ask me how I manage. It was actually not crazy and hectic as one would imagine. The boys are really respectful to their parents and everyone else around them. There’s complete order in the household. One of the things I love most about the boys is how close they are with one another. They hardly fought or argued with each other and the two older boys completely dote on their younger brothers.


Upon my arrival I was, of course, expecting to settle in well with my host family but one thing I did not bank on was to be so well accepted and to get on so well with the extended family – on both sides of the family. Everyone was just so welcoming and willing to get to know me. I was invited to all family gatherings and felt completely at home at every one of them. I even spent Christmas in Granada with my host dad’s family (one of the main highlights of my stay in Spain). I have very fond memories of the family.


I was nervous for sure before I started my classes with the boys because I was worried about whether I’d do a great job of tutoring the boys and I was worried about whether I’d be compared to the tutors before me. As it turns out, I worried for nothing because Celia was always there to guide me in terms of how she preferred me to teach the boys and which resource materials to use. Plus the boys’ English was pretty good so communicating with them was not a problem, allowing me to use a variety of methods to make the classes interesting. On my last day Celia mentioned how pleased she was with how I conducted the classes and how well I got on with her sons.


To be honest, there were no major culture shocks for me in Spain; only minor differences here and there.

The first thing I noticed was how late everything happens in Spain: Dinner is eaten at 10pm; children go to bed at midnight and the night is only beginning at 2am for those who’ll be saying up. Spaniards take full advantage of their evenings so I really liked that.

It goes without saying that I completely enjoyed being around native Spanish speakers – it’s one of the main reasons why I chose to be in Spain. I absolutely love the language and I am going to make an effort to continue learning the language.

Something else that I enjoyed was the Spanish cuisine. I tried so many things for the first time: Spanish omelette, octopus, mussels, Paella, chorizo and the most memorable food item of all – tapas! All washed down with a glass of Sangria.

The people of any place that a person travels to play a significant part in whether a destination is enjoyable or not. I have to say that the main reason why I love Spain is because of the awesome people I met whilst there. The Spanish people are very laid back, open, honest and friendly. I felt very much at ease whenever I was around them. I was fortunate enough to not only have made friends with other language assistants but with locals as well. I couldn’t believe how warm and friendly everyone I met was! I really felt at home at all times.


My experience in Spain has been the most wonderful, incredible and enriching experience of my life to date. The trip reconfirmed what I knew all along about travelling. Travelling allows you to appreciate where you come from and allows you to fall in love with another part of the world. On this trip I learnt that we are all human at the end of the day regardless of external differences and that even though some parts of the world are in conflict and there’s so much pain and suffering, the world is still a beautiful place with lots of wonderful things to offer anyone willing to take the time to explore and discover its treasures.

Best regards,

Zoliswa South Africa

Where to find us

Ferraz 82
28008 Madrid