Day trips, weekend excursions, parties and many more at Club RCI social programme

social programme

Visit to Prado Museum

Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is home to some of the most renowned institutions aimed at nurturing and promoting the Spanish language, such as the National Library or the Cervantes Institute.

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with an open character and a meeting point for different nationalities and cultures. Students from around the world find Madrid an exceptional place to learn a language that is already spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide.

Exhibitions, shows and an endless array of artistic initiatives and leisure activities (shopping, dining out, clubbing, etc) help those who visit Madrid to improve their linguistic skills and increase their knowledge of the Spanish culture.

There is also plenty of things to be done and seen in the surrounding areas, such as day trips to Segovia, Toledo, Aranjuez, El Escorial, etc.

meet other participants

Day trip to Alcalá de Henares

We organise a social programme for all of our participants. We offer day trips, nights out, wine and tapas tastings, full day excursions, weekend trips to other parts of Spain, themed parties, cultural visits, flamenco and salsa classes - you name it!

We can also accommodate requests from students and tailor the social programme to their activities or trips of choice.

Costs to be covered by the participants. Activities will be organised with discounted prices for all Club RCI members.

You will get an invite to join our group in Facebook where you can get in touch with other participants, as well as checking out our social programme activities which will also be published in our blog.

welcome pack

Our participants get a Welcome Pack via email with info on how to get around Madrid with public transport, where to find Spanish language schools, etc.

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We would love to welcome you to Spain and Club RCI.

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Club RCI in partnership with Inhispania, a prestigious language school dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language, offers our applicants a special deal.