Learn Spanish in Spain, tutor a family

tutoring in spain

Retiro Park, Madrid

Tutoring in Spain is a programme that enables students to travel to Spain to teach English, German or French within the home of a host family.

Formal teaching qualifications are not compulsory, but any experience will strengthen your application.

The programme is based on the idea of a cultural exchange and our host families are aware that the student's main purpose for coming to Spain is to learn the language.


requirements to apply

  • Be aged 18 to 40
  • Be fluent in English, German or French. Preferably native speakers
  • Formal teaching qualifications are not compulsory, but will strenghten your application
  • Be a non-smoker or be willing to refrain from smoking at home
  • Be in good health
  • Be a good-tempered and flexible person
  • Be polite and respectful of the host family´s rules and habits
  • Enjoy getting to know other cultures and languages

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accommodation & board

Full board 7 days a week and accommodation in your own private room.

Details of the accommodation will be provided with the placement offer.

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weekly allowance

Templo de Debod Madrid

Although your host family won´t be paying you a weekly allowance, in exchange for 15 hours tuition you get your own private room and full board 7 days a weeks; and students seeking private tution can be found fairly easily all around the country.

Club RCI can assist you with finding students if you are interested in earning some pocket money while in Spain. Private tuition prices range on average from 10 to 20 euros per hour per student.

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work schedule & time off

Palacio de Correos,  Madrid

The Applicant will tutor the family member(s) for 15 hours a week, from Monday to Friday.

As you will be teaching mainly in the evenings, either between 5 pm and 8 pm, or 6 pm and 9 pm, you will get the rest of the day off as well as the weekends. During summertime you you may be asked to teach in the mornings instead, as the children are on school holidays.

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Royal Palace, Madrid

15 hours teaching English, German or French. In most cases you will be teaching the children, but in some cases it may be the parents who are interested in improving their language skills.

Although you are not expected to have formal teaching qualifications, you are expective to be proactive and to try to engage the family member(s) in conversation so as to improve their speaking skills.

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Iglesia de los Jerónimos, Madrid

Tutors will be expected to keep their room tidy and in a reasonable state.

Tutors are responsible for phone bill and other personal expenses.

The Tutor is expected to respect the rules and routines of the Host Family and be polite to them.

During summer months the Tutor may be asked to join the family at their holiday destination.

Please note that your role in the host family is as a tutor or `language assistant´ and therefore you will not be asked to perform domestic chores or the duties of an au pair – namely cooking , cleaning or child-minding.

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starting dates & length of stay

Traditional shop central  Madrid

You are welcome to join the programme at any time throughout the year. The exact arrival date in Spain will be agreed and confirmed by your host family.

The minimum stay is 4 weeks, preferably 8 weeks. You could extend your stay up to 12 months -except for non EU citizens on a tourist visa, whose maximum stay would be 12 weeks.

Applicants from Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa wishing to stay in Spain for longer periods than 3 months, please check our visas section on "Other Details".

Non-EU citizens could extend their stay If they enroll in a course, making them eligible for a student visa - as long as they enroll before travelling to Spain. Please check out the special deals on Spanish courses that we offer our applicants, should you like us to enroll you in a course.

Club RCI has a special agreement with Inhispania, a language school in the heart of Madrid dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language, giving our students a special 8% discount when they book through us. Check the special rates for our applicants.

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programme fee & what is included

Programme fee

The placement fee is payable once your placement is confirmed and should be paid before the date of your arrival to Spain.

18 % VAT included in placement fee.

Special offer Travelling with a friend

If you and a friend would like to apply for the programme together, you should take advantage of our special `Travelling with a friend´25 % discount. Just simply tick the appropiate box and type his or her name in the field provided in the application form upon applying.

Check Club RCI grants! You might be entitled to apply and get the placement fee for free.

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programme includes:

  • accommodation and daily meals 7 days a week
  • assistance and advice with host family placements
  • assistance and advice during your stay in Spain
  • welcome pack with complete information via e-mail
  • social programme with other tutors
  • airport pick-up

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other details

Shopping in Madrid

Check our "Other Details" section to find out about:

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Why booking through Club RCI

We would love to welcome you to Spain and Club RCI.

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Interested? Apply now!

Programmes at a glance

Not sure which programme to go for? Get an overview to help you decide.

If you and a friend are applying together, you both get a 25% discount on application fee.

Programme grants

Check out the grants for our programmes. You may qualify!

Spanish courses in Madrid

Club RCI in partnership with Inhispania, a prestigious language school dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language, offers our applicants a special deal.

If you haven´t got insurance, you might interested on checking Avi International´s special rates for our participants.

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Interested? Apply now!