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Most host family placements tend to be in the larger cities, such as Madrid, where 80% of our host families live, as well as other cities such as Seville, Barcelona, Malaga, Santander and more.

Applicants may request specific locations; however, we cannot guarantee placements in those locations, but we will try our best to accommodate their preferences.


Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is home to some of the most renowned institutions aimed at nurturing and promoting the Spanish language, such as the National Library or the Cervantes Institute.

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with an open character and a meeting point for different nationalities and cultures. Students from around the world find Madrid an exceptional place to learn a language that is already spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide.

Exhibitions, shows and an endless array of artistic initiatives and leisure activities (shopping, dining out, clubbing, etc) help those who visit Madrid to improve their linguistic skills and increase their knowledge of the Spanish culture.

There is also plenty of things to be done and seen in the surrounding areas, such as day trips to Segovia, Toledo, Aranjuez, El Escorial, etc.


If you are 18-25 years old you can purchase a monthly travel card with unlimited travel within the region of Madrid for a flat rate of 20 € per month.

It covers all types of public transport: bus, metro and trains – Cercanías.

Medical & Travel Insurance

Private health and accident insurance is COMPULSORY for Non-EU citizens. We provide you wth a special flat rate of 20€/week with Guard me (multirisk).

EU citizens as well as citizens from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland should get a European Health Insurance Card from the statutory social security provider of their home country as the card will allow them to receive medical care from the Spanish National Health Service.

However we recommend that EU citizens get private insurance to cover their stay in Spain. We could provide you with a multirisk Guard Me at a flat rate of 10€/week.

Flights & Travel

International flights and the cost
of travel to Spain are NOT included.

Visas & Nationalites

We accept participants from:

  • EU (Schengen area)
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • USA and
  • South Africa.

Citizens from EU countries from the Schengen area do not require a visa, regardless of the length of stay.

The following nationalities can stay for up to 90 days in Spain without a Visa:
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • USA and
  • South Africa.

Applicants wishing to stay for longer periods than 3 months should get a student visa by enrolling in a Spanish course prior to leaving their home country.


Please check our special deals on Spanish courses should you wish us to enroll you in a course.

The standard procedure to get a visa is described below but as each Spanish consulate (even within the same country) has slightly different rules (or interpret the official regulations differently) . We strongly recommend you check with your nearest Spanish consulate as to what paperwork will they require from you as you apply for your Spanish course. You will have to deliver all the necessary documents in person.

Getting a student visa can take from one week to several months so we always recommend starting the application process as early as possible or at least get confirmation from the consulate as to approximately how long the process will take.

As a guide, Spanish consulates will ask for:
  • Valid passport for the full length of your stay.
  • Fill out a number of forms and bring at least 3 passport-sized photos.
  • Confirmation of enrollment in the Spanish course.
  • It is also frequently requested an accommodation letter stating where you will be living and who is responsible to pay for it.

Club RCI will ensure you recieve all the documents needed.


in Spain

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