Au Pair Plus
in Spain

Who Can Apply

  • Males or females aged 18 – 30 years old
  • You enjoy working with children
  • You have childcare experience
  • You are able to communicate in Spanish or English

Starting Dates

All Year Round

You are welcome to join the programme at any time throughout the year. The exact arrival date in Spain will be agreed upon and confirmed by your host family.

Your stay can begin at any given date, depending on existing vacancies as well as your skills, childcare experience and -if required- ability to drive.

Length of Stays

Summer Stays

June, July and August.
You could choose to stay 1, 2 or the 3 of these months.

Rest of the Year

Minimum stay during the school period is 3-6 months, although most host families prefer longer stays.

What will your host family expect from you

  • Babysitting: Once a week from Monday to Friday
  • Child care, preparing children´s meals. taking care of their clothes, driving/taking them to school and other appointments, etc.
  • In most cases assisting them with their English, French or German
  • Keep your room clean and tidy
  • Respect the family´s rules

Time Off

Saturday & Sundays


Participants are entitled to one paid holiday week after a 6 month stay, and to two paid holiday weeks after a 12 month stay. Dates should be agreed with your host family.

Work Schedule

40 hours/week:

8 hours/day from Monday to Friday

School Holidays

Please, keep in mind that during school holidays you may be requested to extend your work schedule. In that case your host family will pay you extra.

During summer months the participant may be asked to join the family at their holiday destination.

How much is
Au Pair Plus
in Spain?

Payable when placement is confirmed

150 €

Au Pair Plus in Spain Includes

Aiport Pick-Up

If you arrive within
reasonable hours

Weekly Allowance

150 € per week


In your own private room

Full Board

7 days a week

Full Assistance

With host families placements

In-Country Support

Throughout your stay in Spain

Welcome Pack

With tons of useful info via email

Facebook Group

Where you can meet other participants in your area

*You will never be asked to do heavy household chores as 90% of our host families have a cleaner in charge of such duties and some of them are live-in staff. However, the participant will be expected to take a reasonable role with day to day household chores, such as helping to prepare meals, helping to set up the table, put dishes in the dishwasher, general tidying up the children´s stuff, etc.

How to apply to
Au Pair Plus
in Spain?

Application Form


Download our Childcare Reference Form – we need two, please

Passport Copy

Criminal Record

3 pictures of you

CV or Resumé

In English or Spanish


or certificates of qualifications you may have achieved

Medical Report

Download our Medical Report Form

How Does
Au Pair Plus
in Spain Work?

1. Apply

We receive your full application and the documents needed to apply. Please, email application form and all the documents needed to our coordinator, Clara:

0 €

2. Assessment

Based on your availability, personal interests, expectations, etc we will match you with the most suitable host family possible. We always bare in mind your requests and try to accommodate them as much as we can. However, sometimes it is not possible. Being flexible is quite important when participating in these programmes.

0 €

3. Family Profile

If a host family thinks you are a good candidate for their family, we will contact you to let you know and provide you with a the host family´s profile – which is similar to your application form-, where you can see details of the family members, where they live, what they expect from you, their hobbies etc.

0 €

4. Interview

If you like the host family’s terms and conditions, a first contact will be made, usually via e-mail or skype, so you can get to know each other a bit better before committing to a placement.

Sometimes one conversation is enough.

Other times either the family or the applicant need more time before making up their minds.

0 €

5. Agreement

So, you like each other and are eager to meet in person and start the programme? Great news, the placement is confirmed!

Agree on an arrival with your host family. We strongly advise you not to buy a plane ticket without checking with the host family first. Once you get it, please inform us as soon as soon you can to arrange your pick-up.

Your placement fee is due.

150 €

6. Didn´t work out?

No problem!

We will still be on the look out for the best possible match for you, and will continue sharing your profile with families that we think are suitable for you.

As soon as another family shows interest in having you as their childcarer or tutor, we will repeat step number 5. We will do this as many times as may be necessary

0 €

7. Pack your luggage

Get ready!

Book your flight and and pack your suitcase.

8. Airport Pick-Up

Travel to Spain!

You will be picked up at the airport or station by your host family.

Flights & Cost of Travel not included.

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